Samosa $ 5.99

2 pcs - Seasonal potatoes Wrapped in Light Pastry

Vegetable Pakora $ 5.99

Delicately Spiced vegetables Dipped In Chickpeas batter and deep fried

Gobi Manchurian $ 7.99

Deep fried battered cauliflower cooked in a fiery Manchurian sauce

Chilly Panner $ 7.99

Homemade cottage cheese cubes Tossed with onions,garlic,ginger & Green peppers

Chilly Chicken $ 7.99

Deep fried boneless chicken tossed with onions, Garlic, ginger, green peppers and garnished with Green onions

Chicken 65 $ 7.99

Lentil cooked with tomatoes And spices

Soups & Salads

Green Salad $ 4.99

Served with house dressing

Lentil Soup $ 4.99

Lentil cooked with tomatoes And spices

Coconut Soup $ 4.99

coconut cooked with chefs recipe

Sweet Corn Veg or $ 4.99
Chicken Soup

Delicious creamy corn cooked With chicken or fresh Vegetables

Tandoori Sizzlers

All Entrees come with Rice

Mix Grill $ 15.99

Combination of platter served with a Grilled Tikka, Malai kabab,Tandoori chicken & Salmon Fish

Chicken Tikka $ 13.99

Boneless chicken breast cubes marinated with Fresh herbs & spices Grilled in clay oven

Malai Kabab $ 13.99

Boneless chicken cubes marinated with spice and herbs mild spices grilled in clay oven

Tandoori Chicken $ 13.99

Bone in Chicken Leg quarters marinated with Indian Herbs and spices & grilled in Tandoori clay oven

Grilled Salmon $ 15.99

Salmon Fish marinated with fenugreek (Methi ) herbs and spices

South Indian Dosas

All Entrees come with Rice

Plain Dosa $ 7.99

Crispy crepe made with Rice and lentil flour Served with Coconut chautney and Sambar

Butter Dosa $ 8.99

Masala Dosa $ 9.99

Crepe made with lentil & Rice flour stuffed with Potato masala served with chautney & sambar

Spring Dosa $ 10.99

Crepe made with lentil & rice flour layered with Chautney & stuffed with vegetible masala

Chicken Dosa $ 11.99

Crepe made with rice and lentil flour and stuffed With chicken and spices & served with chautney and Sambar

Channa Batura $ 10.99

Deep fried whole wheat large fluffy bread Served with side of chickpeas masala

Vegetable Entrees

All Entrees come with Rice

Palak Panner $ 12.99

Cottage cheese cubes cooked with spinach Fresh herbs and indian spices

Begara Beigan $ 12.99

Baby eggplant cooked in rosted blend of peanuts, Sesame, coconut ,Onions,garlic and spices

Veg Nilgiri Kurma $ 12.99

mixed veg cooked with coconut milk, poppy seeds spice and herbs

Navaratna Kurma $ 12.99

Nine kind of vegetables and dry fruits Cooked in chef’s special creamy sauce

Vegetable Chattinad $ 12.99

Fresh mix vegetables cooked with south indian chattinad style with coconut milk

Aloo Gobi Masala $ 12.99

Fresh cauliflower and potatoes stir fried with ground spices and fresh herbs

Panner Tikka Masala $ 12.99

Grilled cottage cheese cubes cooked in a rich creamy sauce with indian spices

Butter Panner $ 12.99

Cottage cheese cooked in tomato based butter creamy sauce & Indian herbs

Malai Kofta $ 12.99

Soft and creamy homemade vegetable Cheese dumplings cooked in mild creamy sauce

Channa Masala $ 12.99

Chickpeas cooked with onions, tomatoes Spices and fresh herbs

Dal Tadka $ 12.99

Yellow lentils cooked with ginger,Tomatoes And tempering cumin seeds and spices

Egg Curry $ 12.99

Boiled egg cooked in curry sauce and indian spices

Non Veggie Classics

All Entrees come with Rice

Tikka Masala $ 13.99

choice of meat grilled and cooked in rich creamy sauce

Gongura $ 13.99

Tropical Gongura leaves cooked with Special spices

Vindalo $ 13.99

cooked in goan style with potatoes and sour spices

Curry $ 13.99

Cooked In Tomatoes, Onions,fresh herbs and spices

Chattinad $ 13.99

Cooked in shimmered in black pepper sauce, coconut & spices

Spinach $ 13.99

Cooked with spinach and spices

Kurma $ 13.99

Cooked in delicious almond,cashew & saffron richy sauce

Pepper Fry $ 13.99

Panfried with black Pepper sauce cinnamon and curry leaves

Butter Chicken $ 13.99

Boneless tender chicken cooked in touch of butter creamy mild sauce

Kashmiri Chicken $ 13.99

Boneless chicken cooked in Kashmiri style with dry fruits,nuts herbs and mild sauce

Exotic Biryani Classics

Dum Biryani

Basamati rice steam cooked with Indian herbs and spices garnished with cilantro and lemon wedge


  • Egg $ 11.99
  • Vegetable $ 12.99
  • Chicken $ 12.99
  • Lamb $ 13.99
  • Shrim $ 13.99

Spice Level:

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Spicy

Fresh Mint Special Biryani $ 14.99

Extra long grain basamati rice cooked in mint special ingredients ,herbs and spices cooked with boneless chicken

Spice Level:

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Spicy

Indo Chinese

Hakka Noodles $ 11.99 - 12.99

Traditional noodle cooked with indo Chinese style


Vegetable or Egg: $ 11.99

Chicken: $ 12.99

Spice Level:

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Spicy

Fried Rice $ 11.99 - 12.99

Steamed basamati rice stir fried with soy sauce assorted vegetables, Egg or chicken garnished with green onions


  • Egg: $ 11.99
  • Chicken: $ 12.99
  • Vegetable: $ 11.99

Spice Level:

  • Mild
  • Medium
  • Spicy



Tandoori Naan Breads

Plain Naan $ 1.99

Leavened homemade bread baked in tandoori clay oven.

Butter Naan $ 2.49

Garlic Naan $ 2.99

Onion Naan $ 2.99

Chapati (2 pcs) $ 2.49

Home made whole wheat indian bread

Cheese Naan $ 4.99